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Marketing your business better

Marketing Tip #1:

How are you preparing for the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Nervous media and politics have made 2010 more low-key than in any of the previous events.  But your customers will be staying at home glued to the TV unless you give them a good alternative:

  • Start a countdown until the Opening Ceremony.
  • Be an authority on what's happening – newspapers, the internet and magazines have guides and calendars.
  • Make sure all your staff knows what's on and who the local football heroes and hopefuls are. Your sport-mad staff would love to help.
  • Get behind one or two teams and adopt them as 'yours' - some local team or media websites have facilities to send messages to each team.
  • Have a special deal or treat ready for every time a goal is scored or a team wins.
  • Keep a regular Trivia competition going - maybe questions each day on a different player or team.  You'll find tons of information if you do a Google search for "football".