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online marketing and optimisation

Email Broadcasting

A quick note on Email Broadcasting and it's requirements to get you thinking about your business' future and success in today's "technologically advanced world"...


Most of us have doubts regarding the legality and effectiveness of an online marketing campaign which includes email broadcasting as an integral part.


However, recent overseas studies have revealed that up to 50% of bookings and sales are generated online...


Through MyDirectory, your specials and products can be included in the newsletter that will reach your target market every month.


How? Read this and, should you want to know more, contact us for more information.

Here are goals to consider with Email Marketing:

Email as Direct-Response Vehicle

  • Increased sales
  • Special Packages purchased
  • Additional product exposure
  • Ancillary purchases
  • Repeat customers

Email as Branding Tool

  • Generates new leads
  • Reinforces existing subscriber base
  • Grows existing email database (Mail forwarding & sign up)
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Reduces sales cycle time
  • Visit the website
  • Call you


Summary of Email Requirements (Legality):

  • The email recipient should have an ongoing business relationship with the email marketer, or should have had such a relationship during the past 8 months.
  • Email must clearly identify the sender
  • The subject line must authentically represent the content of the email message
  • The sender's full name and physical address must be included in the email message
  • The recipient must be able to unsubscribe right on the email or via a link from the email.
  • Our business depends on the success and integrity of our email marketing.



Email Marketing is here to stay. It is an important aspect of the business owner's Direct Online Distribution and eMarketing Strategy. Email and eMarketing in general can be used both as a direct response vehicle (short-term, results-oriented) and as a branding tool (long-term and strategic goals).


Email marketing allows business owners to engage the customer in a strong, personalized and mutually beneficial interactive relationship at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.  And most importantly, email marketing allows the business owners to "own the customer" in this new online distribution and marketing environment.


There has never been a better time to embrace email marketing as part of your Direct Online Distribution and Marketing Strategy. You have already realized that the Web can be either your best ally or your worst enemy. Consider retaining an experienced consultancy to help you navigate the often-confusing Internet "Do's" and "Don't" and provide you with the "best practices" tools needed to utilize email marketing to its fullest potential.


Register your company now on MyDirectory to benefit from our email broadcasts.  Should you register as a Premium member, you will also be allowed to download these valuable business eBooks and tools.